Atma Darshan Yoga

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Now a days there is heavy stress on intellect to meet the technology and competition of the day. An individual is force to work beyond 8 hours to earn more. Today’s work force is also forced to work overnight to meet the requirements of MNC’s.

All three factors are pushing the human-beings for the following problems:

1. Psychosomatic disorders: B.P., diabetes, asthma, arthritis, back pain, knee pain, sinusitis, cancer, obesity, migraine etc.

2. Personality disorders:

  • Lack of memory, concentration, self – confidence, moral courage etc.
  • Increase of anger, jealousy, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression etc.

3. Relationship disorders: deterioration of relationships in family specially between the parents and the children, Husband and wife etc.

The whole world is made up of panchamahabhuthas that is, ether (Space), air, fire, water and earth and the same Panchamahabhuthas are also constituents of human body. But unfortunately we are polluting all the Panchamahabhuthas and also our own body. All the above disorders are the impact of pollution and stress due to heavy industrialization we are polluting the earth, water, air, with manure, pesticides, chemicals, plastic, gases etc. Now we are also polluting the ether (Space, Sky) with excessive usage of radiations of mobiles, computers and many more cordless electronic gadgets.


Over expectation, time bound, targets, non satisfaction of existing comforts is creating lot of stress in human beings. In the process the mind of modern man is moving away from contentment, acceptance, love etc. Fortunately, the ancient wisdom of bharath through its various texts, scriptures is continuously giving the

complete knowledge for human beings to be happy, healthy and prosperous. Through the lineage of gurus with their teachings of knowledge and blessings Sri Yogi Devaraj has developed the unique package to make practically people to understand the principles of Yoga through their own experience. This is the result of his learning, teaching, therapy, counseling for last 15 years.

meditation retreatWhat is Atma Darshana Yoga?

Atma Darshana Yoga is combination of Thapas, Swadhyaya, and Ishwarara pranidhan. Which is defined as Kriya Yoga by Rishi Patanjali. Atma Darshana Yoga is a process to understand and answer the question “Who am I ?” at the end of the program the participants will understand who they are?.

How Atma Darshana Yoga works?

As per Yoga Shasthra we are made up of 5 layers of consciousness that is Anna, Praana, Mana, Vignana and Ananda. Atma Darshana Yoga works on all the above layers of consciousness in both cleaning the layer and correcting the layer through proper lifestyle management under the expert guru.


To clean the physical body which also aff ects the mind, we give cleaning techniques of a Yogic science like:

  • Nethi – Cleansing of nostrils with salt water.
  • Vamanadothi – Cleansing of stomach with lukewarm saltwater.
  • Thrataka – Cleansing of eyes for better vision sight and clarity.
  • Kapalabathi – cleansing of Naadi’s (Energy channels for the movement of prannas in the body)

Annmayya Kosha

For annamayya kosha that is physical body is given strength, fl exibility, egility by teaching perfect way of suryanamaskara, with warming up, with postures, with pranayama, with beejamanthra, meditation, with special references to anatomy of human body and yogi anatomy with chakra, Naadi etc.

Pranamaya Kosha

In Atma Darshana Yoga we teach kapalabathi as a cleansing kriya for naadi’s which is the very important factor. Then Naadi shudhi pranayama will balance the movement of praana in ida and pingala by balancing the mind and the intellect .

Mano Maya Kosha

As explained in many classical texts like Bhagavad Geeta, Yoga Vasishta etc. mind is both a friend as well as the enemy, it depends on the user or that human being how they use. Mind is memory (Chitha) which stores all the experiences, feelings, feedbacks of life and all the further decisions of life will be taken of the basis of above things. In Atma Darshan Yoga processes are given to understand, analyze, to remove bad incidence

of life in all the relationships (Parents and children, husband and wife, boss and colleague, friends and  unknown) which have become bad that has created stress in body which also caused for many psychosomatic disorders.

Vignana Maya Kosha (intellect)

Generally, there will be confl ict between mind and intellect. Where ever mind rules, intellect becomes weak where as intellect rules the mind gets the strength, if it is used properly. In Atma Darshana Yoga proper wisdom is given to analyze the self and made to understand by self experience, self enquiry about “The purpose of one’s life”, through various powerful processes. By training the 4 Kosha’s the last but very important.

Ananda Maya Kosha opens up to enjoy the life with purpose. It is believed that yoga is an experimental and experiential science in Atma Darshana Yoga every participant will understand this by their own experience. Lot of emphasis is given on transformation of life through life style management. Atma Darshana Yoga works at the deep rooted levels of consciousness in removing their bad incidence giving proper, intellectual, counseling at personal group and the class level. In addition Atma Darshana Yoga works at social cultural and spiritual levels of consciousness. At social level at the end of the program each and every participant will believe that entire group is one family moving towards “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”.


All the participants will be taught how to take blessings, feel the power of blessings by creating a close bridge between parents and children, husband and wife.


At the end of the program participant will be made to understand individual is nothing and the creator, operator and the destroyer is only god. This opens the great gate of knowledge of spirituality.

The Final Results

At the end of the program participants with psychosomatic disorders will get rid of such disorders, students specially will have greater, memory, concentration in their pursuit. Family relationships will improve with the quantum jump to the great quadrangle “I know” “You Know”. Where all the relationships are at the highest level of understanding and enjoyment to give greatest vision and in sight to his own purpose of life.

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