DNA healing and activationThe increasing interest in DNA activation from the past several years is a trend that will continue as humans unlock more of the secrets of their Divine blueprint. It is now time to know more about your real makeup, and to have the ability to shift your state of consciousness more quickly. A growing number of people have become aware of processes to shift the DNA energetically.

Now, in these accelerated times of the 21st Century, this “new” energetic DNA work can benefit many people. We say “new” since although it is a new modality, it is not really a new concept. It is an example of ancient wisdom made relevant and applicable to modern day times.

You can expect following positive changes with DNA activation.

  • More awareness and expanded consciousness.
  • Right intuition and perception.
  • Increased energy level and confidence.
  • Improved memory and contentment.
  • Increased sense of vitality and zest for life
  • Better understanding of one’s path in life
  • Clearing of limiting beliefs and patterns, some held for lifetimes
  • Deep emotional releases and clearer insights about people and situations
  • Resolution of relationship difficulties
  • Increased ability to come from the heart, to love self and others
  • Ability to more easily let go of painful patterns
  • Longevity and your kids will have better genes.


  • Prakriti (body type) Balancing by
    • Panchkarma
    • Diet according to body type.
    • Yoga Therapy according to body type
  • Energy balancing by Chakra Healing
  • Subtle level balancing by Tanmatra (subtle five elements) Healing.
  • Consciousness elevation by Antra Maun (Silence Meditation).
  • Emotional Balancing by Navras Sadhna.
  • Synchronization with parental genes by Sanskara.
  • Right/Left Brain Synchronization by Mandala therapy.
  • Initiation to start activation.

The DNA Activation program is break in following two levels to get maximum out of it.  Click to know more