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Today modern science has understood that all matter in the universe comes from energy. Matter is condensed energy. Matter can be reverted back to its cause energy. Where does all the energy come from? This research is going on. No clear answer is available. Science of yoga gives a very clear answer. All energy physical or mental comes from consciousness.

God has a dual Nature

Consciousness is the underlying reality of the universe, the ultimate substance from which everything comes into existence and into which everything ultimately dissolves. Consciousness has no cause for its existence. It is a causeless substance eternally existing. The nature of this substance is bliss. God is a name given to this infinite ocean of pure consciousness, eternally existing and blissful by nature. This aspect of God is timeless, space less, nameless
and formless. God condenses a part of His infinite consciousness into energy and energy further condenses into matter. Then with this matter and energy He creates a universe. This universe and everything within it is part of God’s lower nature. This lower nature is limited in time and space, is imperfect, impermanent and constantly changing.

The Soul (Atman)

The soul is a small unit of God’s consciousness. Although the soul is a small part of God’s consciousness, it nevertheless contains all the properties of God’s consciousness. A part of infinity is infinite we know in modern mathematics. A part of God’s infinite consciousness is also infinite. Therefore the soul is infinite and blissful
by nature. The soul though an independent conscious unit has no feelings of separation from God. It identifies itself with God and therefore, like God has cosmic consciousness. The soul is an eternal, immortal, blissful, luminous entity which is smaller than the smallest of any matter or energy particle but in expansiveness is greater than the greatest of any material object. The soul is the light of all light and the life of all life.


A part of the soul’s consciousness that identifies itself with the body, mind and intellect assumes a separate identity of its own.It is not a separate entity, it is a part, but it assumes itself to be separate. This separate identity is our individuality, our sense of ‘I’ in every thought, perception and action. This separate sense of ‘I’ is called ahamkara or ego. This ego works in the mind as the subjective principle of awareness or knowing. It considers itself as the doer and enjoyer of all its activities. This ego consciousness in the mind identifies with it and feels limited. This consciousness with its limited feeling is our ‘I’ of which we are aware.

This “I” feels the pain and suffering, the joys and sorrows of life. Our real “I” is the Soul or the consciousness that is separate from the mind. It is this ego ‘I’ that experiences the dualities of happiness and unhappiness, pain and pleasure. The seat of ego is in the medulla. This ego creates in us attraction, attachment, possessiveness, anger, jealousy, greed and a host of many other negative emotions. This ego binds the pristine soul to the impure and imperfect world of matter. This ego consciousness in man keeps the soul attached to the body by presenting a series of physical desires and reminding him of the limited physical relations of country, race, nation, family, possessions, individual characteristics, etc. Annihilating this
ego, i.e. the feeling of separateness is the path that leads to the release of the soul from its bondage in matter.

Human Personality

Our human personality is also two fold like that of God. Our body, mind and intelligence dictated by the ego are our human personality. The soul in us is the higher aspect of our personality the divine aspect. When the soul dictates all our activities of the body and mind then the personality from being human becomes divine.

Root cause of Pain and Suffering:

The root cause of all stress or tension or anxiety or frustration or depression or unhappiness or whatever negative experiences we have is only one and that is our ego and its ignorance. Ego is limited consciousness and therefore limited intelligence and limited understanding. Ego thinks I am a separate and independent individual. Survival of the fittest is its idea and eat drink and be merry is its philosophy. Ego desires, ego needs, egoistic attitude and behavior pattern is the root cause of all human pain, suffering and misery.

Freedom that we are seeking:

The freedom that we are seeking is not the freedom from stress but freedom from slavery to the dictates and the demands of the ego.

Way to freedom:

The ego consciousness of separateness has to be given up and the soul consciousness of unity has to be realized and with that realization live our life. We have to raise our nature from the lower human to the higher Divine. Unless we achieve this stress, strain, pain and suffering will always continue in some form.

Divine purpose of life

Human life has a purpose ordained by God. Human life is meant to be a play (God’s Lila). Purpose of the play is entertainment and growth. The growth is from limited, ignorant ego knowledge to unlimited, blissful soul wisdom. From human nature we have to grow into our divine nature.

Law of life:

All life is governed by a dualistic law. The law creates an environment of opposing qualities- day and night; joy and sorrow; health and sickness; loss and gain; good and evil, positive and negative etc. Everything in life is temporary and always changing. The positive experiences of life are there to encourage us in our growth. The negative experiences are there to tell us, we may be playing the game wrongly, or to teach us an important lesson for our growth, or to strengthen in us values and ideals, or to test us whether we deserve to be given a higher grade in life or sometimes the experiences are there definitely to punish us so that we stop doing the wrong things and take the right path. So all pain and suffering has a cause and a purpose. When we do not understand the cause or the purpose of the negative experiences then that non understanding creates in our mind unwanted stress, strain, anxiety or grief.

Art of stress free living and divine life:

Gain knowledge and experience about the soul nature and live life with soul awareness. Rise to divine nature. Reduce ego and its entire offspring –desires, needs, cravings, hankerings etc. Conquer lower nature.

How to reduce the ego:

Consider all life as one connected whole. Know that I am connected with everything and am interdependent on everything. If I hurt someone that hurt will come back to me. If I help someone that help will come back to me. As you sow so shall you reap is an old saying.

See God in all things

Love all, respect all. Even those who may be doing injustice or harm to you. Forget and forgive.

Consider life as a play

Treat good and bad as equally needed and rewarding. Do not be attached to it or its fruits.

Law of karma

Get to know the law and how it operates in human life. Obey the law strictly.

Prayer and worship

Prayer makes us humble. Worship develops in us the qualities of respect, reverence, surrender, appreciation etc.


Seek the company of the saints. Their company and teachings generate vivek (discrimination), the power to decide correctly what is permanent and what is not. And get vairagya (dispassion) distaste for the worldly enjoyments.

Social work

Any social work where we sacrifice our personal needs, comforts, desires and time to take care of others needs and help others to be happy.

Silence & Fasting

Keep a day of silence and fasting every week. Silence conserves energy. Fasting cleanses the body and mind. It develops will power and reduces sense desires.

Regular meditation

Daily meditation as directed by the Master helps to become aware of the soul and its nature. Ego and its desires become less strong and effective.

– Kindest regards,
Sant Shri Hari, Rishikesh INDIA

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